Home Town Annapolis – Maggio Web Advertising is able to offer its customers exclusive pricing on banner advertising on Annapolis, MD most visted website; www.hometownannapolis.com.  We have purchased large blocks of ad views and are able to resell them to out customers and share our “bulk pricing”.  Packages include banner ads on the home page, run of the site, or specific sections.  Banner sizes include; 300 x 100, 300 x 250, and 728 x 90.   Advertising blocks are purchased in incriments of 50,000 adviews.  The suggested mininum terms are three months.

Whats Up Magazine – Annapolis Maryland’s most infulential magazine and online publication.  Maggio Web Advertising is able to offer our customers exclusive packages including email marketing advertising on Whats Up Magazine’s newsletter which reaches over 25,000 local patrons.