If you are paying for print advertising, or handing out business cards and do not have a website you are missing a crucial key component to your business.  Today consumers want to be able to get a reassuring impression of your company before they make a phone call.  That impression comes from your website.  The first thing that a potential customer does after seeing your print add or look at your business card is go to your website for more details.

Websites are not as expensive as you may assume.  A few hundred dollars can go along way especially if you compare it to some of the paper advertising rates you may pay.

It saddens me to think that some businesses are dumping several thousand dollars on print ads and they don’t have a website for consumers to gather more information from.  A website is an essential extension of your print ads.

Informational Sites
One page websites can range from $500-800.  Your typical brochure website is about 5-10 pages and ranges from $2,000-$4,000.  Very large websites will require a custom quote.  The only monthly fees involved will be you paying a hosting company about $15/mo.  There is no additional monthly fees from the design company unless you want constant updates, in which case a custom maintenance plan can be agreed upon.

Selling products online can get very complicated.  that is why it is very important to have all the tools at your fingertips in order to compete online.  The solution is the make sure that you have very well built back end Shopping Cart Software which is equipped with multiple features.  This software is key to allowing your customers to make multiple secure transactions via your online store.

Ecommerce sites are a bit more expensive s upfront and in the long term.  We would be happy to hear your ideas and help you create viable goals.  A custom quote will be required every time.